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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Aishwarya Rai News

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A lot of people talk about family values, but Aishwarya Rai not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk.
The beautiful Bollywood actress was set to recieve the ‘Officer Dan Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres’(officer of the order of arts and letters) from the French government.
But Aishwarya's father was ill and Aishwarya asked the French goverment to post-pone the ceremony until he was well.
She wanted her entire family there for the ceremony.
Now that her father is well enough, she has informed the French authorities to go ahead with it.
To understand the gravity of what Aishwarya did, you have to understand that there is only one higher French civilan honour to receive, the Legion d’honour.
And in 2007, the Officer Dan Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres was bestowed upon Shahrukh Khan.

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