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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Neha Dhupia in "Bollywood Hero"

Neha Dhupia
“Bollywood Hero,” is an upcoming comedy miniseries for the Independent Film Channel starring Chris Kattan (Corky Romano).
But also in the miniseries will be Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia.
Neha may not be a huge hit in India, but her work ethic has brought praise from her America cast and crew.
Initial viewing of the films trailer by critics has lead to the idea that this just may be a sleeper hit, and that will look very good not only on the career of Chris Kattan but Neha as well.

Neha has several movies coming out in 2009 including "Paying Guest", "Pappu can't dance sala", "Raftaar","Raat gayi baat gayi", "I'm 24" and "De Dhanadhan".

Hopefully good reviews for "Bollywood Hero" will boost Neha's career.

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