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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Katrina Kaif News and Upcoming Bollywood Movies

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A whole bunch of Katrina Kaif news today.....

First up, Katrina will be doing her first "bad guy" role in the upcoming Bollywood film, Tees Maar Khan.
Katrina is said to be studying Meryl Streep’s role in The Devil Wears Prada for inspiration.
To say this is a change of pace for Katrina would be an understatement, as she is known for her sweet innocent roles.
Tees Maar Khan also stars Akshay Kumar and Akshay Khanna, and is set for a December 2010 release.
You can visit the film's official website here:

And before Tees Maar Khan hits the screens, the political thriller Raajneeti will be released, starring Ajay Devgan, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal.
Raajneeti was written, directed, and produced by Prakash Jha, and is based on the"Mahabharat".
It will be released on June 4th, 2010 and here is the official trailer for the film:

And there are several articles coming out saying that Katrina was the most searched for Bollywood actress in 2009.
I havent seen anything official yet from Google, but thanks to Katrina's popualrity, I wouldnt doubt it.
I did a quick search myself and came up with over six million hits for the Bollywood beauty just last month.
There are also rumors that she is more popular in Pakistan than in India.

Katrina told PTI that she is considering getting married in two years.
She is currently dating Salman Khan and before this, she has avoided any comments on when she might be settling down.
But two years is still a while away.

And finally, Katrina launched the diamond jewellery brand Nakshatra Vivaah's collection last week.
Katrina said at the event:
"Diamonds are a unique gemstone, and have a very special place in the hearts of most Indian women. And the much loved floral pattern that inspires the designs in this collection adds both beauty and good luck. I believe that every Indian bride would really love to have jewellery set like this for her special day."

Katrina Kaif News and Upcoming Bollywood Movies, published to http://bollywoodwomen.blogspot.com/ on April 13th, 2010.

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