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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sonakshi Sinha In, Zarine Khan Out?

Sonakshi Sinha was born on June 2nd,1987.
She just made her acting debut in the Hindi action film Dabangg, along side her mentor Salman Khan.
Yes, Sonakshi is the new protege of Salman, replacing the Katrina Kaif look a like, Zarine Khan who just debuted in the not so epic Veer, alongside Salman back in January.
Maybe Zarine looked too much like Katrina.

Anyway, as opposed to Veer, Dabangg opened really well with some single screen theatres reporting 100% occupancy, while some multiplexes reported an 80 to 100% occupancy.
It actually beat the record opening day of last years mega hit, 3 Idiots, netting 3.26 million the first day.
So far it has pulled in over 31 million dollars worldwide.

This bodes quite well for Sonakshi, and makes you wonder what will become of Zarine now.

And as for Sonakshi's future, there is a rumor that she has beaten out both Katrina (gasp!) and Deepika Padukone to star opposite Akshay Kumar in Joker!

Sonakshi Sinha In, Zarine Khan Out?, posted to on October 11th, 2010

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