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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Crowdfunding Push: iSyndrome

A new interesting crowdfunding campaign is looking to make a short science fiction film with the topic of terrifying psychological disorder called iSyndrome. The film plans to focus consciousness and the way it is represented in the minds of individuals, but also in a wider cultural context. The iSyndrome official Indiegogo page states:

iSyndrome is a 20-minute narrative short film about a young and brilliant brain researcher suffering from Depersonalization Disorder, losing his mind. His wife, a post-materialist researcher, tries everything she can to save him, even if it means reaching the end of life, and going to the heart of consciousness. 

Barak Shavit, an Israeli filmmaker is the man behind this film and it�s impressive to see him go for the mixture of science fiction and hard-hitting drama. Films like these are usually difficult to pull off because most see Sci-Fi as a collection of tech gimmicks and visual amazement that is not primarily cerebral in nature, where the added drama often feels forced and unnecessary. But, Shavit seems to have a clear vision and has already measured up the atmosphere he desires to achieve, making iSyndrome seem very promising.

Currently, the film raised around 30% of its target. Visit the film's Indiegogo page and see how you can help make iSyndrome come to life.

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