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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Crowdfunding Push: Blackpoint's Daughter

In a previous couple of years, some fantastic Neo-Westerns were made all over the world. With films like Bone Tomahawk, Das finstere Tal and The Salvation, it is clear that this genre is currently attracting excellent filmmakers. Now, a director by the name of Marika S. Cotter needs help in finishing her project in the same domain called Blackpoint's Daughter. Here is what the film�s Indiegogo page states:

Blackpoint's Daughter is a soulful Neo-Western set deep in the haunting wilderness of the Santa Lucia Mountains. It's about the daughter of a hitman who must embrace her violent roots in order to save her sister from a deranged crime boss bent on revenge.

Being that this is a full-length film, Cotter divided the project into phases and this is the first one. Currently, the campaign generated about one-third of the targeted funds with one day to go. Check out Blackpoint's Daughter official Indiegogo campaign and see if you can help out.

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