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Monday, 9 January 2017

MFM's Best Movies of 2016

2016 was the year when I saw a really small amount of films, both good and bad. But, being that 2017 arrived, it's that time to reflect and divide the fine films from the mediocre ones. Because of that, here's my list of the best films I saw in the previous year.

Hail, Caesar! - The Coen Brothers at their silver medal level - the film tries to be overtly funny, which always produces weaker results than their thrillers (A Serious Man doesn't count). Still, one of the best oddball comedies of the year.

Deadpool - many swear by it and it is a good film, but only when it remains in the AAA superhero genre. Out of it, both Defendor and Super (even Kick-Ass to a point) did a better job at destroying superhero cliches in a lot crueler manner.

Zootopia - cute and smart, Zootopia does what it plans to do, even though it is a bit more soulless compared to the true animated masterpieces like Wall-E.

Star Trek Beyond - fun and mindless, it's director Jason Lin managed to create a fine space opera. The philosophy and thoughtfulness of Star Trek are dead and buried, but we have J.J. Abrams to thank for that, so Lin simply made the best out of a bad deal.

Midnight Special - runner up to the film of the year, Nichols tried to reinvent the Close Encounter of the Third Kind and didn't fail completely. It might not be Mud, but it is good to see him stepping out of his family-oriented domain, knowing it is his strong suit. Hopefully, he returns to it even more poignant.

Film of the Year

Green Room - ultra-violent and original, Green Room is the perfect example of Jeremy Saulnier's power in the innovative thriller genre. As nazis vs punks movie, it has a lot more going for it than the exploitation flavor, but it still uses it for all its worth. Saulnier should have a great career in front of him, as long as he steers clear of Star Wars 11 and similar stuff people will throw at him now.

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