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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Crowdfunding Push � LIGHTSTEP CHRONICLES � Retro Futurist Space Opera Comic Book

Lightstep Chronicles is not a movie, but an interesting hybrid crowdfunding process that aims to firstly get its brand-new sci-fi universe into a comic book form. As the project unravels, the same universe should get its own novel, game and much more, all through its production company, Imagine Incredible Comics. Here�s how the project�s Kickstarter page pitches its campaign:

Lightstep Chronicles is a dystopian space opera devised as an ongoing comic book series. It is meant to be only the first of many series taking place in the same universe and joining together to form an expansive narrative that will tell the tale of a strange and colorful world and the secret hidden in its inner mechanism. 

Lightstep Chronicles take place in a future age, eons after our days and far away from our ancestral home, when time itself is the ultimate form of class distinction and oppression. Our galaxy, ruled by the omnipotent entity known as the Primogenitor, became a place in which the entire lifespan of the meek and underprivileged lasts as much as a single day in the life of the high and the mighty. In the midst of such a world, a young woman � an exile from a planet of fanatics bent on genetic purity � joins forces with an enigmatic Radio Pirate in order to unravel the mystery of a 1930�s radio program that seems to predict future events with eerie accuracy.

There�s definitely a huge potential in this kind of greenfield universe-building process that will quickly branch out to multiple media formats. The sum beings asked for is at the low end of the spectrum so hopefully the project will get off the ground. Check out LIGHTSTEP CHRONICLES � Retro Futurist Space Opera Comic Book official page and check out how you can help.

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