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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Indie Showcase: Beer & Seed

The history of contemporary film shows that one of the most grateful domains for indie releases is the genre of comedy. From Kevin Smith�s Clerks to Summer of Blood and Safety not Guaranteed, all of these great movies managed to get so much out of very little. Beer & Seed is a film that utilizes the same approach and goes for that dark comedy space in an otherwise familiar and friendly environment.

The official description of the film pitches it this way:

What happens when you follow a navy veteran who goes back to college? A world full of fat girl sex, drugs, gambling, violence. In a creepy comical look, Bill goes through the issues of working and trying to pass through college. In this well crafted Indy film, Bill Cox takes you on a journey where crazy is the reality at Central College in Beer & Seed, a classic "Stoner Film".

The film drops the unlikely character into a brand new world where the rules and social structure is very different. However, the protagonist is a person who has different ideas about all of that, mainly because of his military background. Essentially, it looks like the Beer & Seed rides on the tradition of the mayhem on college films like the cult Animal House, but adapts itself to the modern day and age. Here�s a trailer for it, which gives a sense of where the film will take its audience:

As the trailer shows, there is plenty of weirdness and sharp (no pun intended) humor in the film. For an indie release, these are the best choices for an engaging plot, while at the same time, Beer & Seed simply looks like a fun movie. Check out more about the film on Amazon and spread the word about it if you like it.

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