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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Crowdfunding Push: Betta Fish

The playing field of indie filmmaking is very wide, but as I stated several times before, for me personally, the genre of thriller is the domain where the best works of this type have been made. Now, a new ambitions film is looking for funds to create what its crew is hoping to be an innovative modern neo-noir thriller. The project is called Betta Fish and here�s how its Indiegogo page describes the plot:

The story revolves around Danny Bishop, a mischievous, manipulative gambler with a history as a prodigy con artist. Fresh out of prison and in trouble due to a large debt to Alex, the beautiful, elegant, malicious mob boss queen of the city, Danny has a worthy opponent. 

Motivated by the pain of her enemies and the destruction of Danny, Alex swears to kill him and his family if he does not pay his debt, putting Danny on a collision course with old friends and rivals in his quest to succeed.  This socially progressive story involves a mixture of race and diverse communities, centering on family and the right to equality.

The film was written by Joshua Ungaretti and it is well in its development, which shows determination to see Betta Fish finished. This is always a good sign for an indie film. Also, having in mind that brilliant films like Blue Ruin have been created using this financial method, there�s no reason why the same can�t happen here. Personally, I�m liking the cinematography and the writing style, both of which seem to come with a cool combo of tight focus and looseness - while it might not be the most intuitive thing in the world, it is a good starting point for a movie that tries to innovate.
Right now, Betta Fish is undergoing a crowdfunding process that could provide the crew with funds to finish it. Check out how you can help right here and use your money or online voice to help Betta Fish end up a feature-length movie.

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