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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Two Paragraph Review - Baby Driver (2017)

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This movie is all about the beats. Each shot and frame are designed to support the songs and their beat track, which is in itself an impressive feat. At the same time, the simple story of a reluctant heist driver caught below the paw of a big gangster is told well, adding another layer of deliciousness to this excellent cinematic dish. This way, Baby Driver isn�t so much about fast cars or cars of any kind, but about the way we keep our lives in the rhythm of it all.

The only difference is that the director chose to tell this in  the most extreme manner, glazing music and strong beats over everything, even eye movements and windshield cleaner swipes. This makes is one of the most intense movies that uses its score as the propagator of the plot ever since Whiplash came out. It also shares other things with it, making Baby Driver into an almost sequel-like work, but which confidently stands on its own feet. To put it plainly in musical terms, it has all the right grooves.

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