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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Indie Showcase: Pure the Movie Series (2018)

A new movie series is available on Amazon and it provides a gritty story set on the unforgiving streets of Buffalo, New York. Here is the official movie description of Pure the Movie Series:

Pure an action packed movie-series about the streets of Buffalo New York. The first part of this drama identifies with a hustler named Nevada who is wise beyond his years. After robbing one of the city's most respected gangsters, he and his crew had a plan to take over but in order to do so, they must work for the enemy.

As a tale about tough individuals who are fighting for their right to survive and thrive, Pure The Movie Series seems really interesting. For me, it carries a strong resemblance to works like the HBO TV show The Wire and many other great contemporary crime dramas.

Additionally, the creators of this movie clearly have confidence in their work, being that right now, Pure the Movie Series and Pure the Movie Series 2 are both available. While making a movie series is by no mean an easy task, the audience often gets the best work in this format, which provides the directors with ample space for character growth and development.

At the same time, making a film series shows that its story will develop both in depth and scope, along with showcasing Buffalo, a geographical spot that is not often seen in the US movie industry films. Yet, Pure the Movie Series reveals that there is much more to the city and the character who call it their home.

Watch Pure the Move Series and Pure the Movie Series 2 right now on Amazon.

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