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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Maybe I Should Reiki And Not Photograph My Food

So many social media pals photograph a unique piece of cake, steak and chips, a sundae, cake with ice cream, or pizza that they're eating out. Nobody criticizes their choice of food. But after I photograph a completely special juice that I am taking part in, I regularly get the Food Police onto me.

I used to Reiki my food and supply it a blessing. When I changed into little, I every now and then used to hope over my food. Now I made the few mistakes of photographing it and sharing it with my social media buddies as an alternative. And why the double standards that my friends show? Why do they "Like" pix of cake, sundaes drizzling with sugary syrup, French Fries that almost fill a huge plate, however in terms of a litre of water combined with 1/2 a tiny beetroot, one kiwi fruit,, area of a cucumber, a skinny slice of ginger, and a sprig of mint, why oh why do they leap on me with both toes, pronouncing I'm having too much sugar?! What approximately their desserts, why are they OK and no longer my small indulgence as part of my meal? I don't like cake lots, I cannot stand the feel of sundaes, and I could simplest devour vanilla ice cream if you paid me a whole lot of money, I simply can't stand the flavor, why attack me for my very own luxurious meals?

What approximately their French Fries cooked in rancid oil, complete of both carbohydrates and horrid fatty greasy oil? I in no way could dream of criticizing their choices. Why do they experience they need to criticize mine, and so very harshly? I surely needed to take day out for two hours and give myself recovery with Reiki and EFT, until I stopped shaking and crying. Then I carried on till I reached a factor of calm. Then I got an insight.

This is how I assume it is going. People view fruit and vegetables as healthy and cakes and chips as dangerous. They also view me as a wholesome eater (I try but it isn't some thing I rigidly stick with by way of any manner). So, when someone posts approximately some thing gave the impression to be healthful, together with fruit or greens, then exactly how healthy this is will become the situation of scrutiny that humans feel entitled to do. If I had posted a photograph of a cake, I guess nobody would say "it truly is fattening". But if I say my drink has one tiny slice of beetroot or apple in it, I am right away given a lecture approximately their sugar content. In different phrases, in case you eat fruit and veggies in a public region such as social media, you may be scrutinized and attacked.

I am now going back to doing Reiki and prayer over my meals. My amusement and gratitude can be among me and God/The Universe. God by no means judges.

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