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Friday, 28 September 2018

Documentary: Imagine Nation (2018)

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is one of the unsung heroes of the ongoing digital revolution. From its modest beginnings decades ago when first audio engineering pioneers started experimenting with modifying guitar processors to the birth of DJ and computer music production, the EDM has been growing constantly and consistently all over the world.

Imagine Nation is an impressive new documentary taking a look in this domain and doing it at a festival that holds a very special place for the EDM culture. Here how the film describes itself:

What started as a small city festival in Atlanta has blossomed into one of the largest EDM festivals in North America. Viewers are immersed into the event's eye-popping stage production, insane pyrotechnics, diversified line-up of headliners from around the world, a wide array of stage performers, Avant Garde art installations, stunt riders, and carnival rides.

The trailer perfectly represents the sheer explosion of color, movement, music, and emotion that grips the crowd who are clearly experiencing a unique event, especially considering its sheer scale. Over a three-day period, more than 50,000 people come together on the festival to enjoy not just the music performances, but also many other types of art, including some things that simply have to be experienced to be fully comprehended.

The Imagine Nation documentary follows the same event using the incredible Red Epic W 8k cameras that shot everything in 4k resolution at stunning 60 FPS, aiming to do justice to the incredible happenings taking place in front of the lenses. Watching only a few moments of the trailer shows how smart this decision was - the festival action simply wants to jump out from the screen.

This documentary is something that is clearly brimming with that special energy which allowed EDM to become such a powerful force in the modern show business. If this sounds cool to you, check out Imagine Nation documentary on Amazon right here!

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