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Monday, 26 November 2018

Trouble with back pain? Try these yoga mudras and asanas for relief of back pain

Modern lifestyles will help with some problems. A painful back is rapidly becoming one of the most common complaints. Actually everyone is faced with this problem. And most health workers have agreed that sitting posture, lack of exercise, long hours of desk are due to this disease. Do you think there is cure in the near future thinking that none of these three things will change? Yoga is one of the most recommended alternative therapies for some physical, emotional (not mentally mentioned) illness.

According to Yoga practitioner Shri Anant, based in Delhi, "Yoga can cure most diseases and be guided by right professionals if implemented in the right way." He will meet some people who complain of back pain. He insists that each individual has a unique unique need and develops Yoga Regiment that meets their personal needs with the help of a trained yoga instructor, but everyone There are some simple exercises you can try.Due to back pain, Shri Anant recommends bhujangasana or Cobra pose (Sanskrit bhujanga means snake).

The way to do it in the right way is as follows

First lie flat on the stomach and turn your elbow with your chest and palm up. Lift your body slowly and deeply upwards, raise your back with a bow, lift the front of your body from the abdomen, and suck until your arms are straight. Please raise your head as much as possible. Please have a pose and your breath and count to ten. Please slow down your body slowly and return to your first posture so that you spit slowly. Repeat, gradually increase the count.

Standing and extending


  • Put yourself next to the wall with your feet parallel.
  • With your arms fully extended, put your fingerprints on the wall at the shoulder level.
  • Place the other hand on one side of the waist.
  • Now move your finger to a position to make a cup from your finger.
  • Please confirm that only the fingertip is in contact with the wall right now.
  • Rotate your arms slightly outwards so that your thumbs face the ceiling.
  • Align your shoulder with your hand, lift the chest up and open it, turn the collar bone when inhaling.
  • Right now, twist from your waist, rotate your upper body and spread your arms towards the fingerprints as if the walls are away from you.

Palbatasana standing on his head

Go down your arms and legs and raise your back and enter the mountain pose. Your partner should carefully enter the hand stand with your body for support. Hold the position for 20 seconds. I will switch roles right now.

Ardha Chakrasana

Please stand with your partner and face each other. Hold each other's forearm and slowly bend backward until the backrest is parallel to the floor. hold the stretch for 10 seconds and return to the starting position.


Let your back stand together and link your elbows. Please slowly raise your partner. Once your partner exceeds the ground completely, she can hold her ankle while balancing with her with your hands. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds.

Pull Naustrasana

Please lie on the floor of your back. Please use Matt. Lift your hands and feet slowly as your partner places your hand over you (as she is trying to push up). If she is in the air, please concentrate on keeping her balance. Hold the position for 30 seconds.


Sit on the floor facing each other. Well, take balance with each other's hands and bring your feet together. Keep your posture for 30 seconds, relax and repeat.

How to get rid of mudra back pain

Mudras, or certain hand gestures, have a healing nature, so it helps to alleviate back pain. The balance of energy that mudras brings also helps to eliminate complications of back pain. Although it is dangerous to recommend as a substitute for physical therapy or drug treatment, these yoga madras are very suitable for low back pain treatment regimens.

There is a separate muddler for the left hand and the right hand that are done in relation to each other.

  • While your fingers and ring fingers are stretching, please touch the thumb, middle finger, little finger of the right quietly.
  • Place the thumb of the left thumb joint on the left index finger nail.
  • Do this asana four times a day for 4 minutes each.

You can even do Mudra meditation to relieve back pain. The method is as follows.

  • Please keep your arms and spine upright. Madra's finger as explained above.
  • Put your hands on the thighs, table, chair handles, bed.
  • Keep your arms open to the sky (if you can). It is a visualization to receive cosmic energy.
  • You should suck less than breathe in. You can even lie in the sky for this meditation.
  • Focus on pain and visualize what is dissipating in each of your breaths.

It happens from time to time, but please do not expect results soon. Do not be discouraged unless it goes well for you. This is the most comprehensive and comprehensive way to treat pain on your back and you can take a permanently healthy back. Please show the same sympathy with someone else suffering from pain. You can add some yoga poses to your routine, such as your child's attitude. Please consult with a good yoga trainer.

In addition, you can make some safe changes to this exercise and you can make your own exercises. Mudra has a good track record of treating this pain, but meditation and spiritual reconfirmation can also be used to treat back pain. Madras is an important part of yoga and yoga practice is not considered complete with more than one of these. The various hand gestures described are related to various kinds of energy spreading in the body and the universe.

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