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Monday, 26 November 2018

Yoga asanas to keep your breast healthy

According to statistics, one out of twenty women is a breast cancer survivor, or is dealing with this breast disease. Symptoms of breast cancer vary widely from clump to chest swelling to chest skin changes, and many breast cancer patients do not show any obvious symptoms. So the problem - how do you prevent breast cancer? Apart from changing your lifestyle, restricting alcohol intake and activating your physical activity, there are some Yoga Asana that keep your chest happy and healthy!

Importance of healthy lymphatic system

When women chat together, the conversation often turns into a health problem. It is not uncommon for at least one woman to believe that she is a breast cancer survivor and is probably being treated for the disease. So how is yoga suitable for keeping your chest healthy? Breast health is maintained by the body lymphatic system.

In addition to helping your body fight infections, lively and healthy lymphatic systems remove potentially harmful substances from body tissues and cells. The flow of the lymph depends on muscle contraction, massaging the outside of the lymph duct and breathing to pull the lymph each time inhaled. Because it is sensitive to breathing and movement, it is easy to see how the lymph system responds to yoga practice.

The following simple yoga exercise stimulates blood circulation and vitality through the lymphatic system. Practice these exercises and postures individually or as a set. The first two Diagonal Stretch and Reach for Health can be sitting, sitting on the floor, straightening the backbone, flattening the feet on the floor.

Reach for health

In this exercise, the powerful weapon movement with powerful breath is similar to the movement of martial arts. "Snap back" movement activates lymphoid tissue and breast tissue.

I sit on your heel. If you need to compress the knee joint, place a solid pillow between your buttocks and legs. Let's grasp the fist with your thumb pushed inside. Bring your hand to the chest level on your side with your arms, elbow pulled back.

Strongly extend the arm forward with deep inhalation. As your arm extends to full length, please open your fingers as though you are grabbing something. Then quickly close with your thumb and push the arm strongly against the side of the body to spit strongly.

Frog pose

This movement increases the flow of energy to the body and mind. Internal heat (called tapas) and energy move upward from the pelvic region through the center of the heart, balancing the glandular system.

While standing, bring your heel closer or touch and turn your foot slightly outward. Protect your heel from the ground, bring your fingertip to the ground with your arms in the spreading knees. Stretch your spine straight out as tall as you can.

Bring your head as close to the knees as possible and as straight as possible. The fingertip remains on the ground, and the heel is a little away from the ground. Breathe out and return to the injured posture.

Diagonally stretched

In this exercise, the lymphatic system is activated by intense exercise and strong breathing. The pad at the base of the little finger is a reflection point that gives power to the communication center of the brain.

Please sit down in a simple posture. Please do your thumb on the palm at the base of your little finger. Keep the remaining fingers straight. With your palm facing downward, extend your arms to both sides and extend them parallel to the ground.

Or, while raising the other arm to 600, raise 600 arms from the horizontal. Inhale as the left arm rises, and spit out as the right arm rises. You can breathe strongly and move quickly.

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